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About the Futurists Guild


After reading some of the writings of Ray Kurzweil, Bill Joy and Hans Moravec, I realized that my notions about man's future were totally naive.

Never in the past have we possessed technology that can change humanity itself (through genetic engineering), nor created machines that rival our own intelligence. Yet these technologies will soon be upon us, perhaps within 20 years.

Genomics, nanotechnology and robotics will deliver nearly boundless economic value. They also threaten our species with extinction. Even if we survive these technologies, our culture will not.

In the short term, the precursors of these technologies will bring significant social and economic change. Humanity needs to find the best ways to adapt and take advantage of these developments. We have a historic opportunity to work for prosperity and guard against chaos.

Ivan Phillips, July 2004.


The goals of the Guild are to:

  1. Educate members about the technological and social changes we will see over the next 5-50 years,
  2. Inspire members to develop new ideas, products and organizations, and
  3. Provide a forum for networking among futurists.